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Respect, commitment and empowerment!

Welcome to the beginning of a new adventure that will keep you living on the edge. Re-boot fitness is a proud company that focuses on the only thing that matters……. YOU!


Based on respect, commitment and empowerment, we are committed to ensuring that RE-BOOT members are safe, engaged, satisfied and achieve a sense of belonging to a team that changes lives and gives results.


Is to deliver a product that ensures satisfaction. To achieve results and effectively make a difference. Re-boot’s lifestyle is to allow expression, team work and belonging. We are not just a fitness company. We are family, a friend, competitor and supporter.


Fitness was founded after a life changing event to its founder. From this the name RE-BOOT was created. There are things in life we can’t control but with RE-BOOT Fitness we challenge you to take control of your fitness and achieve positive change. Life is full of challenges. When a situation effects your life you have a choice to re-boot and make effective change. RE-BOOT Fitness will empower you and your journey. Whether it is fitness, weight loss, stress management or comradery, RE-BOOT Fitness is with you all the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Founder: Michael Colley 2015.


Michael Colley



Michael Colley is a dynamic trainer who is known for training clients in new and innovative ways, and getting them results. His unique training style, combined with his beliefs and lifestyle philosophy, allows Michael to tailor each of his client’s training and nutrition, and work with them to build a sustainable health and fitness lifestyle.


His extraordinary reputation among the industry for going above and beyond for his clients has seen members travel over 60 minutes to train at the Re-Boot Fitness studio in North Perth.

Michael’s dedication to his studio and clients has seen him create a friendly and professional fitness environment where new and old clients alike can embrace a feeling of family and comradery.


Since leaving the mining industry in 2015, Michael’s commitment to quality and care has seen the studio continue to grow along with his passion for fitness and dedication to every unique individual he works with.


Michael’s testimonials are proof that whatever the goal and client’s needs, with the right motivation and support, any result can be achieved.


Qualifications: Qualified Master Trainer, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Coaching, Stretching & Mobility, Boxing Level 1 & 2, First Aid / CPR.


Expertise: Weight loss, Body sculpting, Muscle building, Rehabilitation & Mentoring, Mindset and Mental Health .


Eva Niedzwiedz



Eva Niedzwiedz is a young and bubbly fitness professional who loves finding new ways to help clients enjoy the training process.


With experience in injury rehabilitation, mental health and seniors fitness, Eva believes everyone deserves the opportunity to challenge their body and mind and to do so in a fun and supportive environment.


If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, unleash your potential, and smile during the process, Eva is the trainer for you. Her passion and commitment for improving her client’s fitness, body image and confidence is unparalleled.

Eva’s clients are proof that with the right motivation and encouragement anyone can get the results they’ve been dreaming about.


“Eva is an excellent personal trainer who gets results. She is encouraging and listens to the goals you want to achieve and tailors the workouts to achieve those goals specifically. She explains why she gets you to do certain exercises and how they link to your goals. Eva clearly enjoys seeing people achieve their goals and celebrates successes with her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Eva to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy – she is a great motivator and personal trainer.” – Kate B, Monday 6 March 2017


Qualifications: Qualified Master Trainer, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Boxing Level 1 & 2, First Aid / CPR, Police Clearance & Working With Children Check.


Expertise: Rehabilitation & injuries, Mental health and well-being, Seniors fitness, Female strength training & Weight loss.


Rachael Couper



After living the majority of her youth overweight, and struggled to live healthy through her early 20’s, Rach found strength and conditioning training in 2014, where she was able to become the fittest and healthiest version of herself through dedicated training and healthy eating.


Rach has a strong desire to help others who also wish to become a healthier version of themselves, through motivating and coaching them towards meeting their goals. She believes the methodology behind functional fitness (in particular) is the best path to aid fitness and health both in the gym and outside, resulting in living a long and happy life.

She believes that not only does fitness and eating well results in a well-bodied physique and decreases the chance of many health risks, but also improves one’s mindset. A much clearer, stronger, goal-kicking, self-confident mentality is built.


Little steps in the right direction every day will no doubt have you smashing goals in no time – the secret is to put in the hard yards, be patient and always stay humble.

tori vincent personal trainer-u201348-4-fr

Tori Vincent



Tori is a passionate and determined Personal trainer and group fitness instructor who loves watching people change their lives through training.


Tori began her journey in the fitness industry after becoming qualified in 2015 from there her passion grew. She is determined to help people mentally and physically change and prepare for the future and adapts a strength for life approach to training her clients as well as a holistic approach to mental health.


Tori’s passion and knowledge continues to grow and expand as she moves into her final stages of becoming an exercise and sports scientist along with her future exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning pathways.

Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Level 1 Anti-Doping, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage


Experience: Strength training, Functional training, Muscular endurance/Hypertrophy training, weight loss & mental health.

josh best personal trainer

Joshua Best



Joshua “Josh” Best is immensely passionate, ambitious and influential, when it comes to health and fitness. After leading a life of bad choices and dealing with mental health issues, he wanted better for himself, so he turned to a better lifestyle, consisting of Health, Fitness, and Inner-learning.


After some time, he was then introduced to Natural Bodybuilding. This helped him in so many different ways, consisting of, understanding the benefits of proper nutrition, discipline, consistency, and being able to push through the tough times, which he once struggled with, in the past.

He decided to use and increase his knowledge, to help other people, which lead him to studying Certificate IV in Fitness, to become a Personal Trainer. His ambition is to become better, with self-development in Posture and Functional Movement, and also to help people that have mental health issues, which he once had.


Qualifications: Certificate IV in Fitness, Senior First Aid and CPR.


Specialising in General Personal Training, Competition Preparation.

kirsty obst-u213055-4-fr

Kristy Obst



Kristy is a passionate and knowledgeable “holistic” personal trainer and life coach. Through her own body transformation, she discovered how closely that impacted her mental and emotional health. This discovery lit a hunger in her to study all aspects of the physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual and how its all connected and works together.


Her studies have led her to work with her clients across all of these different areas to get to the “root cause” of their issues. With an extensive postural and lifestyle assessment protocol, she is able to design and train you to firstly get your body and life back into balance to then achieve the goals you desire.

She also offers unique energy healing sessions (Universal Rays Healing) that help to clear subconscious belief patterns and energy that you may not know are in you way of success to raise your level of consciousness for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.


Kristy takes a very individualised and holistic approach, working with you where you are at and where you are comfortable and ready to go to achieve your goals


Experience: Postural correction and rehabilitation, mental and emotional health, individualised lifestyle and exercise programming, energy healing. Scientific core conditioning. Martial Arts


Qualifications: Cert IV in fitness, CHEK holistic lifestyle coach level 2. Level 1 CHEK Practitioner. Universal Ray Healer level 2.